Top 8 Shopify best free apps for food, accessories and clothing shops

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We all know that buying food and clothing is one of the basic needs of any person. Therefore, eCommerce market is mainly focused on the sale of clothing, shoes, food and restaurant business. The competition in this niche is quite high; every online Shopify app store owner seeks to attract as many buyers as possible with a stylish, well-made design, easy-to-use online store as well as some more additional features.

We have compiled a list of the best Shopify apps that will help you discover new facets for your business, complement your store with new features aimed at your customers’ comfort, and they will also enhance your credibility as a seller. Take advantage of these top Shopify apps and you will see how attractive your business will become compared to your competitors. Moreover, your sales will surely increase.


1. Printify: Print on Demand by Printify

Printify one of the best app for accessories store

Printify is a universal platform for creating products with individual designs chosen by your client. Printify offers a wide range of products (more than 250 items), competitive prices for products, an easy-to-use mock generator and an extensive network of print partners (more than 90 locations in the US, UK, China, Australia, and Germany).

Using the Printify application, your customers will be able to select individual prints for their t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, bags, home decor items, shoes, accessories, and other things.

2. Qstomizer by Big Van Studio

Qstomizer one of the best app for accessories store

The application Shopify for printing any images uploaded by your customers on cups, t-shirts, cards, business cards, badges, wallets, mobile phone cases and other types of accessories.

A great advantage is a special designer, in which the client can choose the image by himself as well as its location, size, signature; he can also choose the font he likes for the signature and immediately see how his idea will look on the finished product.

3. Zakeke Product Customizer by UpCommerce S.p.a.

Zakeke one of the best app for accessories store

Regardless of whether you are selling clothing, promotional gifts, stationery products, shoes, jewelry, watches or any other custom product, Zakeke invites your customers to create their own unique design of the product.

This application is one of the best apps for Shopify which allows you to personalize your products with the help of texts, images, and drawings on their surface, and also allows you to select parts, elements, colors and materials.

Zakeke is the only platform which customizes products, offering real-time viewing of your products in 3D mode!


1. Apliiq Dropship  by Apliiq Inc

Apliiq Dropship one of the best app for clothing store

The application that allows you to simulate your own style of clothing: to choose a label, prints, stripes, photo printing on clothing, various types of embroidery. You can create your own brand and sell exclusive clothes in your Shopify extension shop. There is no need to store goods in stock, orders will be shipped directly to the customers.

2. Best Fit ‑ Size Charts by Relentless Apps

Best Fit one of the best app for clothing store

This application helps you easily create attractive and easy-to-use size tables for all your products, as well as the size guides which are clear for understanding and which help customers make the right choice. It is very important, as many potential buyers in online stores fear to choose the wrong size of clothes or shoes.

3. Ultimate Size Chart by Shine Dezign infonet Pvt Ltd

Ultimate Size Chart one of the best app for clothing store

One more application for creating numerous variants of tables with the sizes of goods. With its help, you can create an individual design of the size table in accordance with the brand of your store.

The Ultimate Size Chart application also offers a size calculator. You will be able to double-check your size when filling in the relevant data (i.e. height, volume, and weight) for the selected products. One more convenient feature of this application is automatic unit conversion. It allows you to automatically convert your size table from cm/inch to inch /cm.

Food & Beverages

1. Nutrition Facts by ScreenStaring

Nutrition Facts one of the best app for food & beverages store

Composition information is one of the most important criteria that consumers take into account when purchasing food and beverages. Displaying labels with detailed information on the composition of the products will allow your customers to make a conscious choice when purchasing and it will give your website a professional look.

The Nutrition Facts app is designed to add data such as product ingredients, vitamins, minerals, allergens, and dietary labeling.

All information on the composition of products is displayed in a standard, well-known and clear format. The Nutrition Facts app serves as a kind of nutrition data directory for your products.

2. Foodlify by SolverCircle

Foodlify one of the best app for food & beverages store

This one is of must-have Shopify apps and is aimed at creating various menu options. It can be a good solution for restaurants, cafes or fast food chains that deal with the delivery of dishes and are seeking to expand their business by organizing online orders.

Foodlify developers provide support and maintenance for their application.

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The above-mentioned essential Shopify apps are only a small part of the possibilities that you can implement with the help of the Shopify platform and the apps on Shopify. If you need any assistance in developing your business and increasing your sales, please, do not hesitate to contact our Makebecool experts. We will be pleased to help you and find the best solutions.