6 best review apps for Shopify

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Customer feedback surely has the infinite power of persuasion. A series of research have been conducted proving the importance of posting responses on your website. According to data, about 88% of consumers heed online feedback as much as personal recommendations, and 72% admit that positive feedback on the network makes them trust companies more.

The reviews contribute to an increase in sales. They help a potential client get rid of doubts about a particular product or help choose a product among several similar options.

Below we have prepared a list of the Shopify best free apps that will help you add customer reviews to your online store.

1. Loox ‑ Photo Reviews

This is one of the best apps for Shopify, which allows you to display photo reviews of products in beautiful galleries, add pop-up reviews on social networks and integrate them with SEO.

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Loox allows you to send automatic emails with requests for product reviews. You can offer discounts to your customers for sending reviews with photos. In addition, Loox allows you to moderate the feedback received – you decide which ones will be published.

One more advantage of this application is the translation of reviews into English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Dutch.

2. Stamped.io Reviews

This application allows you to display photo and video reviews on the pages of your online store. Basing on customer reviews, a top rating of goods will be formed.

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With the help of Stamped.io Reviews app, you can moderate and comment on the feedback received, as well as show the top rating on the product and collection pages in Google search. Moreover, you can add positive mini-reviews on the checkout page.

If you wish, it is also possible to create a community where your customers will ask questions and receive answers regarding the products of your online store.

3. Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews

Ali Reviews are very useful apps on Shopify for owners of those stores that dropship with AliExpress. With its help, you can easily import authentic product reviews from AliExpress to your store, which will attract more customers and increase your sales.

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This application provides a choice of which reviews should be imported: with the top rating (all stars, only 4 stars, only 5 stars …), reviews with pictures/content. You can also exclude the reviews that contain keywords from the list of imported feedback, so as not to show them.

4. Yotpo: Reviews, Photos, Q&A

Yotpo is a commercial marketing cloud that is aimed at collecting, processing and demonstrating reviews and ratings of products on your home page, on product and categories pages, as well as when placing an order.

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The application has the function of sending e-mails with requests for review. Your customers can leave a review directly in their e-mails. At the same time, it is possible to select a language and time zone settings for scheduling an email with requests. Also, extended moderation and commenting reviews are available.

Thanks to a support team, Yotpo provides a high level of customer service.

5. Product Reviews

This is a free application created by the developers of Shopify. Its functionality is rather limited, especially in comparison with the above-mentioned applications. But if you just need a product reviews section on each product page as well as SEO-oriented ratings for your Google search lists and also a design that matches your topic, then this application will be a nice choice for you.

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6. PopUp App

This application displays a pop-up window with customer reviews and ratings. Feedback is linked to a specific product. The store owner can select the preferred review in the admin panel.

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The application settings allow you to stylize the design of the pop-up window so that it matches the design of the online store. You can also select the location of the pop-up window on the page and the time when it is displayed.

The PopUp App was created by the Makebecool team developers, considering all the individual wishes of the client.

In the Shopify app store you can find those applications that are designed to implement different goals, requirements, and configurations, however, if you want to describe your product in a new or unique way, we will be pleased to pursue your ideas. We like going beyond the scope, surprising others and achieving success. And what about you?